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2018 Official Selections!

The Others Are Here Tristan Sparks-McMahon USA
Hidden In Plain Site Andrew Soleiman USA
Simulation Mason Lewis Texas
The Being Who Fell From The Stars Jacob Padilla USA
Back of the House Lia Kornmehl USA
Jasmine Stung Partho Gupte India
Together Dean Parker USA
Glass Parachutes Margaret Owens Texas
Dissolution Syndey Holt Texas
Nicky Sam Henderson Texas
Override Jacob ChangRascle USA
Memoire Collin McAtee USA
Sisterly Nina Vallado USA/Brazil/Iceland
Saving Sight Nicholas Belgrad USA/Vietnam
Feis Ellen Mulvihill USA
Posers Mark Biggs USA
Dona Catalina Adrianna Marquez USA/Nicaragua)
Tempered by Fire Noel Pichardo USA
Rift Cosmo Chen USA
127 Minutes Sam Gallen USA
Occiolism Louisa Lindsley Texas
His First Time Angie Violet Hawes Canada
Secret Santas Bella Marco Texas (SMCA – not in comp)

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